Confirming your logical-drive migration configuration

Use the configuration summary to review all the changes that the ServeRAID Manager will apply to your modified logical drive configuration. You can start the migration immediately or schedule it for another time.

  1. Review the information that is displayed in the "Configuration summary" window. It describes how the new configuration will affect the logical drives and free space. To change the configuration, click Back.

    Note: Additional notes and attentions regarding the configuration appear in the event viewer.

  2. To start migration now, click Apply. Click Yes when asked if you want to apply the new configuration.

    Note: Logical-drive migration is a lengthy process. You cannot perform any other actions on the affected controller until the migration is complete. The ServeRAID Manager displays a progress indicator in the status bar while the operation is in progress. When the migration is complete, the configuration is saved in the ServeRAID controller and in the physical drives.

  3. To schedule the migration for a later date and time, click Schedule. The ServeRAID Manager displays the Scheduler pane:

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