Confirming your express system configuration

Use the configuration summary to review all the changes that the ServeRAID Manager will apply to your configuration:

  1. Review the information that is displayed in the "Configuration summary" window. To change the configuration, click or .

    1. Additional notes and attentions regarding the configuration appear in the event viewer.

    2. Some operating systems have size limitations for logical drives. Before you save the configuration, verify that the size of the logical drive is appropriate for your operating system. For more detailed information, see your operating-system documentation.
  2. Click Apply; then, click Yes when asked if you want to apply the new configuration. The configuration is saved in the ServeRAID controller and in the physical drives.

    Note: If you clicked Automatically initialize new logical drives, the ServeRAID Manager will initialize the logical drives automatically.

  3. When you have completed configuring your controllers, you can change certain controller settings to fine-tune your configuration.

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