Updating BIOS and firmware code

Before configuring the controller, you must have the latest BIOS and firmware code installed on your server. Complete the following steps to update the levels of BIOS and firmware code:

  1. Insert the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD into the server CD-ROM drive, and turn on the server.

    The ROM Update Wizard automatically starts. The ROM (read-only memory) Update Wizard is a program that updates the BIOS and firmware code on your ServeRAID controllers. The wizard automatically identifies and scans each controller.

    If the BIOS and firmware code do not require updating, the wizard automatically stops and the ServeRAID Manager program starts. Use the ServeRAID Manager program to continue with configuring the controller.

    If the BIOS and firmware code require updating, a report screen opens with the following information:

    The ROM Update Wizard asks if you want to update. You decide whether to update, but you must update all or none of the controllers in your server; you cannot selectively update.

  2. If you want to update your controllers, click Update. If the wizard detects an error, an error message appears and you are prompted to insert a diskette into your diskette drive. The wizard saves details about the error to a file on the diskette.

    If you do not want to update your controllers, click Cancel.

  3. When all updates are completed, scroll through the Features window. This window reports the changes that the ROM Update Wizard applied to your controllers.

  4. Leave the  ServeRAID Manager Support CD in the CD-ROM drive; shut down and restart the server.

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