Creating spanned arrays

If you want to assign RAID level-x0 to an array, you must create a spanned array.

Note: Spanned arrays are supported only by IBM ServeRAID-4 Ultra160, ServeRAID-5i Ultra320, ServeRAID-6M Ultra320, and ServeRAID-6i/6i+ Ultra320 SCSI controllers.

Complete the following steps to create one or more identical spanned arrays:

  1. Start the custom configuration wizard and complete all previous steps.
  2. In the list of arrays, click the arrays that you want to add to your spanned array.

  3. Click Figure D3LUD40 not displayed.>> (Add selected arrays) to add the arrays to the spanned array. You can click Figure D3LUD40 not displayed.>> (Add all arrays) to move all arrays to the spanned array.

  4. To create additional spanned arrays, click the New spanned array tab in the right pane.

    Then, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  5. Click Next; the "Create logical drives" window opens.

To return to the "Create arrays" window, click Back.
To leave the Configuration wizard, click Cancel.

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