Creating arrays and hot-spare drives

Complete the following steps to create arrays:

  1. Start the custom configuration wizard and complete all previous steps.
  2. Click the appropriate Array tab in the right pane:

    Then, from the list of ready drives, select the drives you want to add to the array:
  3. Click D3MGA005>> (Add selected drives) to add the drives to the array. You can click D3MGA005>> (Add all drives) to move all ready drives to an array.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional array or hot-spare drive that you want to configure.
  5. If you do not want to create a spanned array, skip to step 6. Otherwise, select the Span arrays check box .
    Then, click Next. If you created two arrays only, the ServeRAID Manager uses those arrays to create the spanned array; continue to step 6. Otherwise, the "Create spanned arrays" window opens.

    Note: To create a spanned array, each array must have the same number of physical drives.
  6. After you select the ready drives for your arrays and hot-spare drive, click Next. The "Create logical drives" window opens.

To return to the "Express and Custom configuration" window, click Back.
To leave the Configuration wizard, click Cancel.

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