Adding physical drives in an existing configuration

You can add physical drives (also called logical-drive migration or LDM) to dynamically modify an existing array and its logical drives.

Note: You cannot add more than three physical drives. The maximum number of physical drives you can have in an array is still limited by the controller stripe-unit size.

  1. Click the appropriate Array tab in the right pane:

    Then, from the list of ready drives, select the drives you want to move to the array:
  2. Click D3MGA005>> (Add selected drives) to add the drives to the array. You can click D3MGA005>> (Add all drives) to move all ready drives to an array.
    1. The list includes only physical drives that are at least the size of the smallest physical drive in the selected array. When adding to an existing array, you cannot add physical drives that are smaller than the smallest drive currently in the array.
    2. When adding to an existing array, if you add physical drives that are larger than the physical drives currently in the array, you will not be able to use all the space on the new drives.
    3. You cannot add a physical drive to the array if the resulting logical drive size will exceed 2 terabytes (TB).
    4. Existing physical drives in the selected array are labeled Online. Newly added physical drives are labeled New online. You cannot remove online drives from an existing array.
  3. After you add the physical drives to your arrays, click Next. The "Configuration summary" window opens.

To leave the Configuration wizard, click Cancel.

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