Integrated RAID controller object

Use this object, in the Enterprise view, to work with integrated RAID controllers and their subobjects or to display their properties.

The integrated RAID controller is displayed in the ServeRAID Manager Enterprise view as two controller objects. However, you can configure only one array and RAID level-1 logical drive on an integrated RAID controller. The controller information in the tree lists the controller type as LSI 1030.

  1. The integrated RAID controller provides limited function compared to ServeRAID controllers.
  2. The ServeRAID Manager can display a maximum of four LSI 1030 controller objects in a system.
  3. Under Windows, LSI 1030 controller objects are not visible unless devices are attached to one of the LSI 1030 controller channels. If devices are attached to only one channel then only one controller object will be visible.


Possible subobject

Warning and error conditions


The following actions are available only in bootable-CD mode:

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