Unable to connect to the managed system


The ServeRAID Manager could not communicate with the ServeRAID Manager agent on the managed system.


  1. Verify that the ServeRAID Manager agent or console is running on the managed system.

  2. Verify that the port number specified for the managed system in the "Add managed system" window matches the value on the managed system. You can verify the port number on the managed system by going to the ServeRAID Manager running on that system and doing the following:
    1. Click Agent actions Configure.
    2. Click the General settings tab.
    3. Verify the value for the port number. The default port numbers for remote access are 34571-34574.
  3. Verify the following:
    1. The managed system is on.
    2. Both the local and managed systems are connected to the network.
    3. TCP/IP networking support is configured on both the local and remote systems.
    4. The host name of the managed system is defined in the Domain Name Server or a Hosts file, if you are trying to connect using a host name.
    5. The network is functioning.

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