RAID Manager desktop iconIntroducing the ServeRAID Manager

You might want to review the following information before using the ServeRAID Manager:

You can use the ServeRAID Manager to configure, administer, and monitor controllers that are installed locally or remotely in your IBM xSeries servers.

The first time you start the ServeRAID Manager, it will display only your local system. The local system is displayed in the Enterprise view "tree" and information about the system is displayed in the right pane, in the Physical and Logical device views.

Whenever you start the ServeRAID Manager after the first time, it will display an unknown system icon Unknown system icon for any managed systems that you have added. When the ServeRAID Manager connects with the managed systems, it will update the status in the tree.

For additional information, see the IBM ServeRAID publications on the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD.

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