Using the Email Notification Manager

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The Email Notification Manager is a tool that you can use to notify users by email of events that occur on this (that is, the local) system. The user of the system types recipient names and email addresses in the email notification list. Each recipient in the list is notified of all or selected events that occur on the local system.

You can use the Email Notification Manager to:

The Email Notification Manager is enabled by default. To disable the Email Notification Manager, click Actions Disable Email Notifications. If you disable the Email Notification Manager, events are generated but users do not recieve email notification when the events occur.

An example

You install SystemA in a lab with a ServeRAID Manager subsystem. You run the ServeRAID Manager on SystemA to monitor for events and problems. You want to monitor SystemA from your workstation but do not have ServeRAID Manager installed. You open the SystemA Email Notification Manager from the ServeRAID Manager and add your name and email address to the email notification list. You are notified by email of all problems and events that occur on SystemA.

The Email Notification Manager and its events

Events monitored by the Email Notification Manager include the following:

Each event has an event type indicating its severity: error, warning, or informational. You can configure a recipient to be notified of errors, errors and warnings, or errors, warnings, and informational events.

When an event is generated on a system, the Email Notification Manager attempts to send a message to each recipient in the email notification list. If the Email Notification Manager successfully sends the message, it updates the "Last message sent" column in the email notification list. If the Email Notification Manager does not successfully connect or send the message, the Email Notification Manager:

The Email Notification Manager interface

The Email Notification Manager consists of the following:

Provides quick-path icons for common tasks.
Email notification list
Displays the recipients configured to receive email notifications.
Email notification event viewer
Displays status information for the Email Notification Manager.

In addition to displaying the events in the event viewer, the Email Notification Manager appends each event to a logging file, RAIDSMTP.LOG. If this file exceeds 200 KB, the ServeRAID Manager copies the file to RAIDSMTP.OLD and creates a new RAIDSMTP.LOG. If there is a RAIDSMTP.OLD already, the ServeRAID Manager overwrites it. The Email Notification Manager appends SMTP transport errors in a separate log file, SMTPERR.LOG.

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