The ServeRAID Manager toolbar

The ServeRAID Manager toolbar has the following functions:


Add a managed system to the Enterprise view for monitoring and configuration.

Note: This action is not supported when using:

Create array Create

Create a logical drive with the Configuration wizard. Choose Express or Custom configuration, if there are ready drives and you have not assigned the maximum number of logical drives.

Silence repeating bellSilence

Silence the console alarm and agent alarm on all connected systems. All Warning and Error events produce an audible alarm every five minutes, notifying you of the event. You can adjust the alarm interval in the "Preferences" window.


When a system, controller, or device is selected, displays system, controller, or device properties.


Open the event log in a stand-alone viewer. The stand-alone viewer shows all ServeRAID Manager events. Use the embedded event viewer to view events for the current ServeRAID Manager session.


List tools for configuring the local or remote ServeRAID Manager agent. To use a configuration tool, select it from the drop-down list.


View context-sensitive information for the current window.

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