Working with systems in the ServeRAID Manager

You can use the ServeRAID Manager to view information about managed systems, ServeRAID controllers, and the ServeRAID Manager subsystem (such as arrays, logical drives, hot-spare drives, and physical drives).

To view information, click an object in the Enterprise view or the Physical or Logical device views; then, click  (Properties) on the toolbar. Using preferences, you can sort tree objects alphabetically or chronologically.

Note: The local system always appears first when you sort the tree alphabetically.

To display available actions for an item, right-click the item in the Enterprise view, Physical devices view, or Logical devices view.

You can use the following actions and applications in the ServeRAID Manager to modify or monitor other ServeRAID Manager systems in a network:

To configure a new ServeRAID controller with the Configuration wizard, click (Create) on the toolbar or in the Logical devices view.

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