The blocked state is reserved for RAID level-0 logical drives that are part of the same array
as one or more of the following:

If a physical drive in such an array fails, the RAID level-0 logical drives enter the offline
state, while the other logical drives enter the critical state.

After you replace the failed physical drive, a rebuild operation starts and reconstructs the data
stored in any RAID level-1, level-1E, or level-5 logical drives; at the same time, the RAID
level-0 logical drives enter the blocked state. RAID level-0 logical drives cannot be rebuilt,
since they do not contain redundant data.

After the rebuild operation is completed, you can unblock the RAID level-0 logical drives and
access them once again. However, the logical drive might contain damaged data. You must
re-create, reinstall, or restore the data from the most recent backup disk or tape to the RAID
level-0 logical drive.