RAID levels that can use a hot-spare or standby hot-spare drive

Hot-spare and standby hot-spare drives supply additional protection to a RAID configuration. When you select the RAID level for your configuration, consider the following:

RAID level Can use a hot spare? Can use a standby hot spare?
0 No No
1 Yes Yes
1E Yes Yes
5 Yes Yes
5E* Yes Yes
5EE* Yes Yes
6 Yes No
00 No No
10 Yes Yes
1E0 Yes Yes
50 Yes Yes
60 Yes No

* RAID level-5E and RAID level-5EE integrate a distributed hot-spare drive, but also can use traditional hot-spare and standby hot-spare drives. If a physical drive fails in a RAID level-5E or level-5EE logical drive and the configuration includes a hot-spare or standby hot-spare drive, the data is rebuilt on the hot-spare or standby hot-spare drive. A RAID level-5E compression or RAID level-5EE compaction does not occur. If a second physical drive fails in the RAID level-5E or level-5EE logical drive, a data compression or compaction will take place on the distributed hot-spare drive.

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