Using the ServeRAID Manager interface > Status bar

The status bar displays the following information from left to right. You can drag the vertical bars to the right and left to adjust the size of the viewing areas.

Managed systems status icon. This icon is the same as the Managed systems icon displayed in the Enterprise view. The text next to the icon states whether the ServeRAID Manager has detected problems on any of the systems. You can see the text by dragging the vertical bar to the right.
Tree path. Reports the tree path location of the selected object.

Progress indicator (ServeRAID legacy controllers only).
A labeled progress indicator is displayed in this pane if the currently selected system has one or more controllers containing a logical drive undergoing any of the following operations:
  • Rebuild
  • Migration
  • Synchronization (either foreground or background)
  • Compression or decompression (RAID level-5E only)
  • Compaction or expansion (RAID level-5EE only)
  • FlashCopy
  • Copy back

    For ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers, the ServeRAID-7t, and HostRAID controllers, the ServeRAID Manager displays (in animation) in the Logical devices view, instead of the progress indicator.

If no action is in progress, this pane is empty. The progress indicator is labeled with the controller number and logical drive number. If more than one controller is undergoing one of these operations, the progress of the selected controller is displayed in the pane.

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