Using the ServeRAID Manager interface > Event viewer

The event viewer provides advisory and progressive-status information and messages for your ServeRAID Manager system. Every event includes a severity icon, a date and time stamp, the host name where the event originated, and a description.

Note: All Warning and Error events cause an audible alarm to sound, notifying you of the event.

You can double-click an event in the event viewer and the "Configuration event detail" window opens. This window contains the same information as the event viewer, but in a larger, easier-to-read window. Some events have additional details listed in this window.

If the ServeRAID Manager is not in bootable-CD mode, it appends each event to a log file, RAIDEVT.LOG. If this file exceeds 200 KB, the ServeRAID Manager copies the file to RAIDEVT.OLD and creates a new RAIDEVT.LOG. If there is a RAIDEVT.OLD already, the ServeRAID Manager overwrites it.

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