Using the ServeRAID Manager in bootable-CD mode

The ServeRAID Manager program operates in two ways:

When you run the ServeRAID Manager program from the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD, you are using bootable-CD mode. The bootable-CD mode allows you to configure your ServeRAID controller before you install your operating system. After you have configured the ServeRAID controller and installed the operating system, you also can use bootable-CD mode to fine-tune specific ServeRAID controller settings.

To run the ServeRAID Manager program in bootable-CD mode, turn on the server; then, insert the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD (or the CD that contains the ServeRAID Manager program that came with your server) into the CD-ROM drive.

If the ServeRAID Manager program detects unconfigured ServeRAID controllers and ready drives, the program automatically starts the Configuration wizard.

These are the actions that are available in bootable-CD mode only:

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