Fine-tuning the stripe-unit size

A new controller stripe-unit size is set at the factory to 8 KB (SCSI) or 256KB (SATA/SAS). If you need to change this setting for a ServeRAID SCSI controller or HostRAID controller, you must change the stripe-unit size before you store data in the logical drives. After you store data in the logical drives, you cannot change the stripe-unit size without destroying data in the logical drives.

    The ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers, ServeRAID-7t, and HostRAID controllers do not support an 8 KB stripe-unit size.

  For ServeRAID SCSI controlles, you must use the ServeRAID Manager in bootable-CD mode to change the stripe-unit size setting.

Environment stripe-unit size
Groupware (such as Lotus Notes or Exchange) 16 KB
Transaction processing database 16 KB
Decision support database 16 KB
Thin client environments 8 KB
File server (Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Novell NetWare) 16 KB
File server (Other) 8 KB
Web server 8 KB
Other 8 KB

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