Receiving events from a removed system

When a managed system is in the Enterprise view, you always receive events from that system. With the Remove managed system action, you can choose between "Continue to receive events from the managed system" or "Do not continue to receive events from the managed system." If you choose the first option, you can monitor for problems on the manage system without having the system in your Enterprise view.

The default is to continue receiving events.

If you choose not to continue receiving events, the ServeRAID Manager on your local system must connect to the managed system. If the ServeRAID Manager successfully connects, it removes the local system from the managed system's notification list. Because the notification list determines what systems receive events from that managed system, your local system stops receiving events.

If the ServeRAID Manager cannot connect to the managed system and is therefore unable to remove your system from the notification list, another window opens asking if you want to remove the system from the Enterprise view even though you will continue receiving events.

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