Configuring NetWare user authentication

NetWare user authentication may be configured in one of two ways: out-of-box authentication and NDS authentication. The two methods are mutually exclusive.

Out-of-box authentication

Out-of-box authentication works as follows:

When logging into the ServeRAID Manager, NDS users must provide the fully distinguished account name.

NDS authentication

NDS authentication is based on NDS group membership. To set up NDS group membership, create and populate a NDS group for storage administration. After you install the ServeRAID Manager, edit the ServeRAID Manager agent properties file to restrict authentication to the new group.

For example:

  1. Choose the group name ".CN=StorageAdmins.O=Acme".

    Note: The group must reside within the same NDS tree as the server running the ServeRAID Manager agent.

  2. Using the Novell Administration utility, add the appropriate users to the new group.

  3. Add the following entry to the SYS:\RAIDMAN\RaidAgent.pps file:<fully distinguished group name>

    The new entry should look like this (the backslashes are required):\=StorageAdmins.O\=Acme

  4. Restart the server.

Limited user access is granted to all NDS user accounts.

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