Using Windows NT 4.0 with Active PCI features

To use Active PCI with Windows NT 4.0 and a ServeRAID-4 controller, you must install the following software components in this order:

  1. DMI Service provider. A free version is included on the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD in the following directory:


    where e is the CD-ROM drive.

    Note: This version is sufficient for most users' needs, but a Y2K compliant version is available at the following Web site:

  2. IBM Hot Plug for Windows NT 4.0 Package, version 4.2 or later. This package is available from the IBM Support Web site.

    Note: Be sure to read the instructions and restrictions for this software program.

  3. ServeRAID Active PCI DMI component. This is component is installed automatically when you install the ServeRAID Manager program.

To perform a hot-replace operation, start the IBM ServeRAID Hot Replace Wizard. You can start this program from within either the IBM Hot Plug for Windows NT 4.0 program or the ServeRAID Manager program. You can use the ServeRAID Manager program to start the wizard either on the server with the failed controller, or across the network from a remote installation of the ServeRAID Manager.

Note: It is useful to start the IBM ServeRAID Hot Replace Wizard from a remote installation when the server with the failed controller does not have a monitor.

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