Understanding logical-drive migration

Logical-drive migration is a powerful and flexible feature of ServeRAID controllers. You can use logical-drive migration to:

You can migrate a logical drive while the server is running with only minor performance degradation for users during the process. You can start the migration immediately or schedule it for a later date and time.

 HostRAID controllers do not support logical drive migration.

Notes: To perform a logical-drive migration, the following must be true:

If a physical drive fails during a logical-drive migration and you are migrating between RAID levels other than RAID level-0, the migration will continue and complete. Then, you must replace and rebuild the failed physical drive.

Logical-drive migrations also can recover from a power failure. If power is lost to the server during a logical-drive migration, the migration will restart as soon as power is restored, and complete without data corruption.

Note: (Cluster and failover configurations only) A logical drive will not failover while undergoing logical-drive migration.

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