Configuring two ServeRAID controllers in a failover environment

Notes: This action is not supported when using the following:

  1. Integrated RAID controller
  2. ServeRAID-5i controller
  3. ServeRAID-6i/6i+ controller
  4. ServeRAID-7t controller
  5. ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers
  6. HostRAID controller

You can configure two ServeRAID controllers in a failover environment when using Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Recent versions of ServeRAID device drivers utilize fault-tolerant technology. With fault tolerance, you can pair two controllers and connect them to the same enclosure to ensure access to the physical drives, even after one controller fails.

Failover requires specific controller settings. You must set or change these settings by using the ServeRAID Manager in bootable-CD mode. The settings are the following:

Use Configure for Clustering to change these settings. You can use this action to view the settings from the installed ServeRAID Manager. To set or change these settings, you must use this action in bootable-CD mode.

Important: Be sure to review Configuring IBM ServeRAID Controllers for Failover.

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