Configuring a ServeRAID controller: the basic steps

The following steps are an overview of the ServeRAID configuration process:

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Controller (controller) that you want to configure.

  2. Right-click Create logical drive, or click  in the Logical devices view. The Configuration wizard opens.

  3. Click either Express configuration or Custom configuration:

    If you select Express configuration, the ServeRAID Manager automatically:

    1. Creates one or more arrays, based on the number and size of ready physical drives in your system.

    2. Defines a hot-spare drive, if four or more ready physical drives of the same size are available.
    3. Defines a logical drive for each array.

    If you select Custom configuration, the ServeRAID Manager walks you through:

    1. Selecting the physical drives that you want to include in your arrays or create as hot-spare drives.

    2. Defining the logical drives for your arrays.

  4. Click Automatically initialize new logical drives. Initializing a logical drive erases the first 1024 sectors on the drive and prevents access to any data previously stored on the drive.

  5. Click Next; then, review the configuration summary.

  6. Click Apply. The ServeRAID Manager will configure the controller and initialize and synchronize the logical drives.

    For HostRAID controllers, Express configuration creates a single logical drive. Custom configuration allows you to select the physical drives and segments used to define your logical drives.

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