Configuration wizard notes and attentions

While you are creating the configuration, the ServeRAID Manager reports notes and attentions regarding the configuration in the event viewer. These events can help you create a better or more optimized configuration.

Note: Array storage space still available.

Explanation: You can create another logical drive in this array or make a logical drive in this array larger.

Note: Physical drives contain unusable capacity.

Explanation: You could redefine your arrays with the same size drive capacities to avoid wasting space.

Note: There is(are) n ready drive(s) still available. (Where n is a number)

Explanation: You can create another array, add the remaining ready drives to one of the new arrays, or create a hot-spare drive.

Attention: This hot-spare drive will not work for any defined array.

Explanation: This hot-spare drive is not large enough to replace a failed drive in any array, or there are no redundant logical drives.

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