Controller tree objectUsing ServeRAID Manager Assist, hints, and tips

Use ServeRAID Manager Assist to tour and familiarize yourself with objects in the ServeRAID Manager Enterprise view and the Physical and Logical device views. Click on an object to view information about that object.

If you right-click on an object, you can select Hints and tips to view information about the object and the valid actions for that object.

Click (Back) and (Forward) to review pages already presented during your current ServeRAID Manager Assist session.

If the ServeRAID Manager is installed on a server that is connected to a printer and its operating system supports printing in the ServeRAID Manager, the (Print) is displayed on the ServeRAID Manager Assist toolbar. Click this icon to print the current page.

  1. The ServeRAID Manager might print some pages with overlapping text.
  2. You cannot print in bootable-CD mode.

To search for terms in the ServeRAID Manager Assist pages, type one or more words in the entry field and click (Search). Search will list any page that contains all the words you typed (it is a Boolean AND search). To search for a specific phrase, surround the phrase with double quotes. For example, "logical-drive migration."

Note: The search is not case sensitive.

To exit the ServeRAID Manager Assist window, click (Exit) and you return to the ServeRAID Manager.

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