Configuring the ServeRAID Manager agent

You can configure the ServeRAID Manager agent port number and alarm. You can also configure the ServeRAID Manager agent to log events to the operating system event log. To configure the agent, edit the file RaidAgnt.pps or adjust the General settings in the ServeRAID Manager agent console. RaidAgnt.pps is located in the same directory where you installed the ServeRAID Manager. If the RaidAgnt.pps file does not exist when you start the ServeRAID Manager agent, a new file is created with the default settings.

  1. The RaidAgnt.pps file is preserved during a ServeRAID Manager upgrade.

  2. If you change settings while the ServeRAID Manager agent is running, you must stop and restart the agent to make the changes take effect.

  3. The ServeRAID Manager agent alarm is not supported by the ServeRAID Manager in bootable-CD mode.

Configuring the port number

The default port number for the ServeRAID Manager agent and console (client) is 34571. To change the port number, edit the following line in the file RaidAgnt.pps:


For accessing managed systems, the ServeRAID Manager uses five consecutive ports starting from the startup port: 34571, 34572, 34573, 34574, and 34575. If your system has a conflict with these ports, change the startup port to a different port number.

Configuring the alarm

When the ServeRAID Manager agent is started, it reads the alarm settings. When a critical or fatal event occurs in the RAID subsystem, the ServeRAID Manager agent triggers its alarm, if enabled. The alarm continues at the specified interval until you either:

You can configure the following alarm settings:

Configuring event logging

The ServeRAID Manager agent logs warning and fatal events to the operating system event log. You can view the event log from the ServeRAID Manager console. For Windows systems, you can also view the event log with the Windows Event Viewer. For Unix systems, events are logged according to the /etc/syslog.conf settings. (For more information, see the syslogd(8) man page.)

You can enable and disable event logging by editing the following line in the file RaidAgnt.pps. Set the value to true to enable event logging (the default) or false to disable event logging.

agent.enable.logEventsWithOS = true

Configuring polling intervals

The ServeRAID Manager agent uses the following parameters to set the polling interval for ServeRAID SCSI controllers: For optimal performance, leave serveraid.progress.poll.interval set to the default value; then, and make sure that:

    serveraid.progress.poll.interval < serveraid.config.poll.interval < serveraid.complete.poll.interval

These settings ensure that the ServeRAID Manager provides timely reports on task progress and configuration changes while minimizing CPU usage.

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