Controller Changing the write-cache mode on a physical drive

Use this action to change the write-cache mode setting of a ready physical drive. The write-cache mode determines if the physical drive stores data before or after sending a confirmation to the controller.

Note: (Integrated RAID controller only) When you create an array, the physical drives must have the same write-cache mode setting. The default setting is write through. To set the write-cache mode to write back, you must change the write-cache mode on every physical drive in the array.

Attention: It is possible to lose data if a power outage occurs while using the write-back setting. Consider carefully whether to use the write-back setting on a physical drive. Depending on how you use the system, the write-back setting might be undesirable.

  1. In the Physical devices view, click(ready physical drive).

  2. Right-click Change write-cache mode to write back or write through.

  3. Click Yes to confirm.

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