Validating a cluster

Notes: This action is not supported when using the following:

  1. ServeRAID Manager in bootable-CD mode
  2. ServeRAID Manager as a plug-in application
  3. Integrated RAID controller
  4. ServeRAID-5i controller
  5. ServeRAID-6i/6i+ controller
  6. ServeRAID-7t controller
  7. ServeRAID-8 series SAS controllers
  8. HostRAID controller

Note: You must have the ServeRAID Manager installed and running on all servers in the cluster for this feature to work. You must run the Validate cluster feature from one of two nodes in the cluster; you cannot run it remotely.

Use this action to determine if your cluster configuration is configured correctly.

  1. In the Enterprise view, click(local system only).

  2. Right-click ServeRAID actions Validate cluster. The "Validate cluster" window opens. The system you selected in step 1 is listed in the Node A box.

    Note: You cannot change the Node A system in the "Validate cluster" window. To select a different system, click Cancel to return to the tree.

  3. Select your second system from the Node B drop-down list.

    Note: The Node B system defaults to the first system in the Enterprise view other than the Node A system. If there are no managed systems in the Enterprise view, click Cancel to return to the Enterprise view and add a managed system.

  4. Click Start. The ServeRAID Manager scans both systems to verify the configuration.

  5. If you want to stop the validation before it is completed, click Cancel. Otherwise, if the ServeRAID Manager found problems with the configuration, it reports the problems in the message field. If there are no problems with the configuration, the message field reports only the cluster pairings found.

  6. To view the problem report events in an easy-to-read window, double-click an event in the message field.

  7. To save the contents of the message field, click Save. A "Save as" window opens.

  8. Specify the file name for the message field log and click OK.

  9. Click Done to exit the "Validate cluster" window. If the configuration has problems, use "Configure for clustering" to fix the problems; then, use "Validate cluster" again.

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