Updating controller software

The ROM Update wizard guides you through the process of updating the BIOS software for your ServeRAID controllers. It updates the BIOS for all controllers of the same type on local and managed systems. You can update only one type of controller at a time.

Note: Before you can use the wizard, you must download the latest software images from your vendor's software support site on the World Wide Web. The image files typically come in sets of two or more and have a .ufi file extension.

Follow these step to update the controller software:

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Internal RAID storage object  (Internal RAID storage object).

  2. Right-click Update controller images. The ROM Update wizard opens.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Choose the ROM image update files.

  5. Click Next; then, select the controllers you want to update.

  6. Click Next; then, review the update summary.

  7. Click Apply. The ServeRAID Manager applies the software update to the selected controllers.

  8. Restart the server(s) to activate the new ROM image.

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