Logical drive Unblocking a logical drive


  1. This action is not supported on ServeRAID SATA, SAS, or HostRAID controllers.
  2. This action is not supported on the integrated RAID controller.

After the rebuild operation is completed on an array, if the array contained RAID level-0 logical drives, you can unblock the RAID level-0 logical drives and access them once again. But remember, the logical drive contains damaged data. You must re-create, install, or restore the data from the most recent backup disk or tape.

To unblock a blocked logical drive:

  1. In the Logical devices view, click Logical drive (blocked logical drive).

  2. Right-click Unblock logical drive.

  3. Click Yes to confirm, understanding that the data on the logical drive is not valid. The ServeRAID Manager unblocks the blocked logical drive.

  4. Initialize all unblocked logical drives before using them.

  5. Restore the data to the drive from your most recent backup disk or tape.

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