Scan for new or removed ready drives icon Scanning for new or removed ready drives

Note: This action is not supported on the integrated RAID controller.

Use this action to scan all SCSI channels or ports for the following:

After physically removing a ready drive from a server or enclosure, the ServeRAID Manager still reports the drive as ready. The firmware (microcode) does not communicate with ready drives, therefore the firmware does not report the drive as removed. Use this action to remove the ready drive from the configuration.

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Controller (controller) or (enclosure).
  2. Right-click Rescan.
  3.   For ServeRAID SCSI controllers, the "Scan for new or removed ready drives on controller" window opens. The ServeRAID Manager scans all SCSI channels on the selected controller. Review the scan report; then, click Done. To stop the scan before it completes click Cancel.
  4.     For ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers, the ServeRAID-7t, and HostRAID controllers, the ServeRAID Manager scans all ports on the selected controller. It reports the results of the scan in the event viewer.

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