defunct physical drive Manually rebuilding a defunct drive

Use this action to rebuild a critical logical drive when a physical drive in the array is defunct. Normally, the controller rebuilds a logical drive when it detects the removal and reinsertion of a drive that is part of an array. Use this operation to force the rebuild to begin immediately, without physically removing and replacing the disk drive.

Note: The controllers can rebuild RAID level-1, level-1E, level-5, level-5E, level-5EE, level-10, level-1E0, and level-50 logical drives. They cannot, however, rebuild RAID level-0 logical drives because RAID level-0 is not redundant.

Complete the following steps to manually rebuild a defunct drive:

  1. In the Physical devices view, click defunct physical drive (defunct physical drive).

  2. Right-click Rebuild drive.

  3. Click Yes to confirm.

    Note: During the rebuild operation, the defunct drive enters the rebuild state and the logical drive remains critical until the rebuild operation is completed.

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