Controller tree object Enabling and disabling read-ahead cache mode

  1. This action is supported in bootable-CD mode for ServeRAID SCSI controllers.
  2. This action is supported in interactive mode only on ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers and the ServeRAID-7t SATA controller.
  3. This action is not supported on the integrated RAID controller.

Use this action to set the read-ahead cache mode to Enabled or Disabled. If the read-ahead cache mode is set to Adaptive, you cannot use this action.

Note: You can override the Adaptive setting, but not through the ServeRAID Manager. Instead, use the IPSSEND command-line program. This program is on the  IBM ServeRAID Support CD.

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Controller (controller).

  2. Right-click Enable or Disable read-ahead cache mode.

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