Adding a system Adding a system in the Notification Manager

Note: This action is not supported in bootable-CD mode.

Use this action to add a new system to the notification list. Every new system that you add to the list is notified of all events that occur on this system.

  1. Click Adding a system (Add system).

  2. Type the host name or TCP/IP address of the system that you want to add.

  3. Type the TCP/IP port for the managed system Startup port number. The default port is 34571. If you changed the system Startup port number in the "User preferences" window on the managed system, type that number here.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Continue to add systems, or click Cancel to close the window.

After you add the system to the notification list, the ServeRAID Manager will attempt to connect to the system and send an initial set of events. The ServeRAID Manager uses these events to update the ServeRAID Manager interface running on the managed system.

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