Identifying devices

You can identify the devices in a server or enclosure, such as a physical drive, because the light associated with the device you selected is flashing.

  1. Click any object in the Physical devices view or Logical devices view, except the following:

    (CD-ROM drive)
    (Tape drive)
    (Removable-media drive)

  2. Right-click the appropriate Identify.

    The ServeRAID Manager sends a command to the firmware (microcode) to start flashing one or more physical drive or enclosure lights, depending on the following:

    Note: Identify works only on controllers with a SAF-TE processor and the appropriate firmware. If a device light or a series of device lights do not flash, it is because all or part of the subsystem is not controlled by a SAF-TE processor.

  3. Click OK to stop the drive lights from flashing.

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