Ready physical drive Replacing a ServeRAID controller

Notes: This action is not supported when using the following:

  1. Integrated RAID controller
  2. ServeRAID-5i controller
  3. ServeRAID-6i/6i+ controller
  4. ServeRAID-6M controller under the Windows operating system

Use this action to perform a hot-swap replace of a controller.

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Controller (controller).

  2. Right-click Replace controller. The IBM ServeRAID Hot-Swap Wizard opens.

  3. Click Next. The wizard turns off the PCI slot.

  4. Click Next. The "Replace the controller" window opens. This window lists the steps that you must follow to replace the controller hardware in the server.

  5. When complete, click OK. The wizard does the following:
    1. Turns on the PCI slot.
    2. Verifies that the controller is working properly.
    3. Configures the controller by importing the configuration from the physical drives.

      Note: Configuration can take several minutes.
  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Finish.

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