Creating an assigned hot-spare drive

Note: This action is supported only on the ServeRAID-7t, ServeRAID-8 series (SAS) controllers, and external RAID storage enclosures.

Use this action to assign one or more hot-spare drives to a logical drive. An assigned hot-spare drive is a dedicated spare: it is used only to rebuild the logical drive to which it is assigned. An unassigned hot-spare drive is "global": it can be used to rebuild any logical drive on the controller.

Note: You cannot assign a hot-spare drive while a logical drive is being built or modified (such as a logical drive migration).

  1. In the Physical devices view, click (ready physical drive).

  2. Right-click Create assigned hot-spare drive for the logical device name. The ServeRAID Manager creates a dedicated hot-spare drive for the logical drive.

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