Controller tree object Copying the configuration from drives

  1. This action is not supported on the integrated RAID controller.
  2. (Cluster environment only) Use this action to merge non-shared logical drives.

Use this action to copy the configuration from all physical drives into a ServeRAID controller. This action is useful when replacing a controller and you want to reestablish the original configuration on the new controller.

If you are replacing a controller in a cluster environment, you must first configure the cluster parameters by using the "Configure for clustering" action. The cluster parameters are the following:

After you have configured these parameters, you can use "Copy configuration from drives" to copy the configuration from only the non-shared drives into the new controller.

  1. In the Enterprise view, click Controller (controller).

  2. Right-click Copy configuration from drives.

  3. If clustering is not enabled, go to step 4. Otherwise, right-click one of the following from the menu:
  4. A confirmation window opens; click Yes.

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