Changing the RAID level

You can change the RAID levels of currently defined logical drives.

  1. In the Logical devices view, click  (logical drive).

  2. Right-click Expand or change logical drive. The Configuration wizard opens with the "Choose RAID level" window.

  3. Choose a new RAID level for the logical drive; then, click Next. The "Create logical drives" window opens.

    Note: Only valid RAID level migrations appear in the list. Migration requirements for each RAID level are described here.

  4. Add the physical drives needed to support the new RAID level (if any). Click Advanced settings to set the logical drive size; optionally, select a new stripe-unit size. Then, click Next. The "Configuration summary" window opens.

    Note: When you add drives, the migration wizard shows the current layout of the data, including the current logical drive size. For most migrations, you will need to increase the logical drive size setting; the default size is not generally adequate once you add drives or segments.

  5. Review and apply the new configuration.

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