Add System icon  Adding a managed system

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Use this action to establish a connection to a managed system and add it to the Enterprise view.

Tip: Before adding a managed system, verify that the ServeRAID Manager is running on that system. If the ServeRAID Manager is not running on the system, you will receive an error.

  1. From the Remote menu, select Remote Add , or click (Add) on the toolbar. The "Add managed system" window opens.
  2. Type the managed system host name or TCP/IP address.
  3. Type the managed system startup port number. The default port number is 34571.
  4. Type your user name and password.
  5. If you want to save the user name and password, select the Save user name/Password box. Once you successfully connect to the managed system, the ServeRAID Manager stores this information in a file along with the host name so you do not have to type your user name and password every time you run the ServeRAID Manager.
  6. Click Connect.

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